“Terry, you have been such a wonderful person in our lives, in so many ways. You’ve been a great friend to me, and a great teacher and counselor to the kids. You have truly come into each of our lives in a different way, and left your mark. We will never forget all that you have given us! – Love, B. M. and kids.

“I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for bringing my son out of his shell. I truly feel that we were blessed the day you came into our lives. You have done more for Tanner than anyone ever has! When he looks back upon the influential people in his life, you will be at the top of his list.” – Love, C.B.

“Terry, our son, Eric (since working with you), has accomplished more in his months with you, than he did in the previous 4 years! Diagnosed with A.D.D., I am absolutely convinced that what you have accomplished scholastically, and with Eric’s self-confidence – Warm Regards, M.S.

“Thank you, Terry. I have so appreciated your skillful and kind work with our kids. I have loved watching you shine, and seeing the excitement of the kids at being with you. You are truly a wonderful teacher.” – D.K.

“I wish there were ten of this man. Mr. Tindall puts everything he’s got into these children!” – (Study Case 03-98)

“As a result of Mr. Tindall’s work, “X” is much more confident in himself. Actually, his regular teacher said he gets a little cocky now about his reading in the classroom…instead of hiding behind his desk! Mr. T has totally changed the way my son views himself.” – (Study Case 06-98)

“It’s been more hopeful around here, because I really thought he was going nowhere in school. Yeah, Mr. Tindall has changed this kid so much! I still can’t believe that one man can do that, you know!” – (Study Case 05-99)

“All of the parents in the study were exceptionally complimentary of Mr. Tindall’s skills, commitment, and personality. They credit him with single-handedly changing their children in an atmosphere of mutual respect, caring, and love. – (Concluding comment by the Study Director).

“The results of the Literacy Intervention program developed for our District by Terry, and his passion for what he does, and his impact on the children and their families was impressive indeed”…”A committed educator with extensive skills.” – M. Peterson, Assistant Superintendent

“The glowing parent interviews (about Mr. Tindall) are rich in insight into his exceptional talent as a teacher and program administrator.” “He developed and employed unique learning and motivational intervention strategies that worked at several levels simultaneously…which included his development of customized materials.”  – A. Foster, Director, Research and Development Center For the Advancement of Student Learning

“Seldom have I had the privilege to recommend such an outstanding educator as Terry Tindall. and we have become friends.” “His students rave about Terry, yet his skill, consistency, and no-nonsense approach have been invaluable.” – R. Ellerby, Principal

“An outstanding educator”…”A unique, multifaceted man”…”A consummate professional, a forceful and persuasive advocate for children”…”Passionate in his pursuit of excellence, and his quest to make a difference in this World.” – D. Lawler, Principal

“…Fortunate enough to have Terry work with our Gifted 3rd Grade math students”…”He is conscientious and of utmost integrity”…”A master teacher, determined and successful at getting the very best out of his students, and he is always willing to go above and beyond.” “Terry was beloved by his students, and received many letters of appreciation from the students’ parents.” – J. Borman, Principal

“Terry Tindall has an uncanny ability to know just what a particular student needs. The rapport he has with students is nothing short of miraculous. The students love and respect him.” – C. Kuhne, 5th Grade

“Terry Tindall is very simply, a great teacher at all levels. He sets high standards for the students, yet he has a remarkable way with them. He is an excellent educator – a wonderful disciplinarian who demands a lot from them in such a way that they produce, and yet they are always excited to see him, and they clamor over him.” – P. Lund, Elementary Media Director

“Terry is highly regarded by our Principal and our staff. He is a very genuine person, and a master motivator who truly cares about the welfare of the students, making each and every one of them believe in themselves and their abilities. He is determined to make a positive difference in their lives, and was a huge hit with my parents.” – T. Falkner, 2nd Grade